National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) is a scheme of Government of India to provide financial support to establishments undertaking the apprenticeship training. NAPS was launched on 19th August 2016.

To promote apprenticeship training in the country.
• To provide financial support to establishments to undertake apprenticeship programs in the following ways –
i) To support establishments, (especially MSMEs) to engage apprentices under the Apprentices Act and pay stipend to them as per prescribed rates wherein under NAPS 25% of prescribed stipend subject to a maximum of Rs. 1500/- per month per apprentice is reimbursed to such establishments by the Government of India to engage apprentices.
ii) To support the establishments, (especially MSMEs)-who do not have inhouse Basic Training Facilities-to set up such facilities in house or at a center outside its premises or to engage Training Partners to undertake the Basic Training activity on their behalf for fresher apprentices who need to undergo such Basic Training before joining the shop floor (on the job training) under the Apprenticeship program.