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Sill Development scheme is one of the best schemes for the youths of India where they are made ready for employment. Under this, the youth are given the opportunity to develop their skills which can help them to get a new job which can help them in earning their living. The training is provided to the youths so that they can not only develop their skills but also can get exposure to the industry.

The main emphasis of the Skill Development is to groom the youths in a way that they can get employment and can improve the entrepreneurship in our country. The youths are provided with the required training, guidance and the support for all types of occupation be it nursing, tailor, masons, welder, cobbler etc. More focus is toward the areas like gem industry, transportation, real estate, jewelry designing, banking, tourism, and various other sectors.

Skill Development programme can easily raise the confidence of the youth, improve their productivity and then can give them proper direction to their life. This scheme, no doubt, is one of the good initiatives which can help in creating the skills of the people so that they can take part in making their country proud. It will open the new avenues for the youth so that no one can sit idle.

NIED is helping the youth in developing their skills and giving them hope to make their life better not for them only but for their family too. Our NGO also helps the graduates and unemployed in first developing their skill and then allowing them to grab the best employment.


  • A small life lesson today can be your livelihood tomorrow.
  • The skills you master now will help you master your future.
  • Strong skill development is the only answer to the problem of unemployment.
  • Education is the gateway to opportunity, and skill development is the way to make the most of that opportunity.
  • Skill development opens up new vistas of employment for the country’s youth.
  • Everyone is blessed with skills; we help you discover yours.
  • Reduce the gap between skills required by the industry and skills which you have by joining various skill development programs.